3 telltale signs by which you can recognize a counterfeit jersey

3 árulkodó jel, amiről felismerheted a hamisított mezt - Sportmánia.hu
Original or fake? The perennial, recurring dilemma that makes every football fan's life miserable when buying a jersey. But if you pay attention to these small details, you can easily spot a fake jersey.

Let's see what you should pay attention to!

1. Remarkably low price

The most important telltale sign. The recommended retail price of an adidas or Nike jersey is HUF 27,990, a 10-15 percent difference may occur according to the retailer's business policy, but a lower price than this is excluded, except for occasional larger discounts (or if it is a jersey from an older season, which is also usually discounted). For jerseys worth around HUF 10-15,000, you have to strongly doubt the origin of the product , since in the case of an original jersey, this would already mean an additional payment to the dealer.

2. Quality

It's easy to notice the difference when you see the product live, but it's even more difficult when you order it online. Especially since a lot of retailers use the manufacturer's pictures, so the difference will only be noticeable when you take the jersey in your hands.

In general, it can be said that counterfeit jerseys are made from cheaper materials, with a simpler cut, the quality of the stitching is poor, the materials are not cleaned properly, the labels are different . Occasionally a the team crest is simplified, the embroidery is ugly, the pressure is not durable.

If you order online, check the following:
- does the operator of the online store indicate the exact company data (company name, registered office, tax number, company registration number, representative's name, etc.)?
- do you provide telephone and email customer service?
- do you offer a refund guarantee that goes beyond the legal requirement if you are not satisfied with the product?
- test it, call or write to the customer service and observe how long you have to wait for the answer and how seriously they take your question!

3. Jerseys with name and number

As strange as it is, pre-printed jerseys with names and numbers are not sold commercially by major jersey manufacturers. This is not included in the adidas, Nike, or Puma range. These jerseys can be purchased from the team's official store or the retailer can make them for you after purchasing the original lettering material. If you see ready-made jerseys with inscriptions, it is better to be careful, they are often fakes.

The best advice is that if a place works, buy from there next time. If you are unsure, our customer service will be happy to help. At Sportmánia, of course, you will only find original jerseys purchased directly from the manufacturer, for which we offer a 365-day hassle-free exchange and refund guarantee.


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