Woven or knit? The big question! Or what is the difference between a heater and a heater?

Woven vagy knit? A nagy kérdés! Avagy mi a különbség melegítő és melegítő között? - Sportmánia.hu
And really. Based on pictures and a concise product description in the online store, it is difficult to discover the difference for someone who is not an expert in the textile industry, and moreover, even the price is usually the same. In our post, we provide a little help with the choice by presenting the essential differences.
The differences between woven and knit products are basically due to the different production technology of their raw materials and their different "technical" characteristics that can be traced back to this. There are typically no differences in the decor elements (coat of arms, sponsor logo, branding).

Woven . Woven warmers - or other products - material is woven polyester. Thanks to the weaving easy to handle, very good shape retention and less prone to creasing the raw material.

Compared to knit, its feel is a bit harder, stiffer, in common parlance, it is more "rustling", similar to a windbreaker. Based on the properties of the material, the heaters are made in this way more elegant they make an impact, that's why the teams gala (in some brands, under the name presentation, anthem, sideline) warmers are also typically made of this. An important feature of woven warmers is that they are made with a light mesh lining due to the texture of the sheet-like material (not as thick as knitted materials).
THE knit material of training clothes knitted and crocheted polyester cloth. Knitted and crocheted items they have a loose structure, follow the movement of the body, are flexible, stretchy, flexible.

Its touch is softer and thicker compared to woven, its surface is brighter, creating a "silk" effect. Due to its properties, manufacturers prefer to use it for active movement and training for their training collection , with tailoring specially developed for that purpose (e.g.: tighter pants, flexible inserts at the bends). Thanks to the looser, thicker material, there is no separate lining, they have a smooth or fluffy interior
Based on their properties, it is clear that it does not matter for what purpose you want to use the heater. Woven is the perfect choice for leisure wear or for more relaxed weekdays, when appearance is more "important" than function. If you plan to actively move or train in it, we recommend knit training clothes.

If this information does not help you in your decision, our customer service is ready to help you by phone or e-mail, or we are happy to see you in our store (Budapest, District VI, Rózsa utca 90), where you can experience the differences based on tangible impressions.


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